New Janta Ice cream isn’t a new name in the industry. Since its inception in 1968 by Shri Bherulalji Jhawer & Brothers, the brand has been growing consistently. Shri Bherulalji Jhawer was a foresighted man and he was very well aware that there is no renowned Ice Cream maker in Surat City. It was a challenge for him to take up the Ice Cream business as he wasn’t having any knowledge, nor experience to do Ice Cream Business. But he was very clear that he will serve one of the best Ice creams to the people of Surat. He with the help of Family members, started as an Ice Cream hawker with the name New Janta Ice Cream. As the place was a peak business hub of Chauta Bazar, Surat. The center of huge footfalls of retail customers, people started flowing to the counter. New Janta Ice cream became talk of the town with the rush ensuring the stock get over daily within hours.




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New Janta Ice Cream

New Janta Ice Cream became a goodwill brand of Surat for homemade ice cream with pure milk base. Best Quality was always ensured by Shri Bhherulalji. It was with his sheer hard work that Surat got the best of the best Ice Creams. Slowly bulk orders started flowing in for marriage functions. New Janta Ice cream became a must have Dish as a dessert in every wedding, the ritual that is strictly followed till date by loyal customers of New Janta Ice Cream.

New Janta Ice cream had a success tag which was then demand a 2nd shop with the expansion of the city during 90’s. Athwagate then, one of the posh areas of Surat was shortlisted for the same which became the stepping stone for future success story.

It was a time when number of new local entrants with an intention to cash in the goodwill of New Janta Ice Cream, started their Ice cream outlets with the similar names. That stop triggered the consistent growth of New Janta Ice cream as customers got distracted. As it is well said “One cannot fool customer always”, people came to know about the original soon with unmatched quality standards established by New Janta Ice Cream and Shri Bherulalji. New Janta Ice cream was back in a full pace with even more trust and loyalty of the customers.

Along with the Bherulalji, Mr. Pawan initiated the expansion plans keeping it in a very active mode. He planned number of new outlets in the city and around and also planned for appointing franchisees all around. By 2013, he successfully Established 11 self owned outlets & 24 Franchisees from Ankleshwar to Vapi. With the expansion plans, production capacity also increased; currently the operational infrastructure has a capacity to produce 2000 Liters of Ice Cream.


As mentioned earlier about the damage caused by similar names, management itself took the initiative as a leader to build a new brand name, so that it gets the edge amongst the competition. It was a challenge to decide on the good brand name that was related to the product, very friendly, short and even a child can speak & pronounce. After a tremendous hard work by the professionals, "I KIM" was finalized. Yes I KIM had all the above mentioned elements. It's like child grows up pronouncing Ice Cream as I KIM. The brand was launched in 2013 and has got a good acceptance in the market. The management has planned to promote I Kim through Radio, News Papers, Posters, Banners, Hoardings, Leaflets, Face book, Whatsapp etc. to make it a popular brand. I Kim will be a brand for everyone, especially Children, the experience of being a kid while having an ice cream itself made a natural tag line "Laut aaya Bachpan". Hence it’s very clear that “I Kim” will be perceived as an Ice Cream Brand for all, from kids to elders.

I Kim has its special seasonal flavours of Sitafal, Jamun, Lichee, etc. & in Dry Fruits Special Rajbhog, American Dryfruits, Herbal Ice cream (winter Special) Mava Malai Pista, etc.


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